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Tolle Tuesday...

Any emotionally painful experience can be used as food by the pain-body. that's why it thrives on negative thinking as well as drama in relationships.

Um...ouch ;) This is a good reminder for me! With the struggles DH and I have been having -- normal, marital stuff, I think -- I need to realize that dwelling on the negative feelings is not wise. Interestingly, I pretty much came to that conclusion on my own after Saturday's 'talk' -- and I've felt much better about it all since then.

Relationships are challenging because they all have ups and downs, I think. It's easy to get comfortable when things are flowing and moving along the way we want them to -- but then, something happens (often something small), and everything's thrown off kilter. For me, realizing that this is normal, that it's even necessary, helps me keep a balanced mind (well, mostly balanced, heh). And DH and I don't fight dirty. We decided that well before we got married -- no swearing at each other, no negative name-calling, no pulling up past (resolved) issues...just playing nice, even while upset.

Anyway, how do you handle the drama in your relationships?
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