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Weekend Roundup...

...I spent a couple hours on Friday at B&N working on my WIP -- I scrapped what I had (about 18K) and started over, but this time, I worked on a detailed outline first. I think it will come together better now. I've mentioned before that I have to let things simmer. I knew I hadn't done that enough when I started writing before, but I didn't want to wait too long -- so now it's simmered pretty nicely, and I think I know what I want from it. We'll see ;)

...most of the weekend was taken up by working -- easy work, but time-intensive with a lot of e-mailing and trying to get the new session going on the right foot.

...we went to my FIL's for our annual St. Patty's day meal last night. It was a nice evening, though D got a little...well, not sure what to call it. He's been struggling lately with not wanting to be a kid (he wants to make his own decisions) and wishing he could be our peer instead of our son. It's been interesting ;)

...Spring Break comes next week, and I think we have a plan (for two of the days) -- should be fun if it works out.

Happy spring! :)
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