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Friday Five -- the Good, the Bad, and the Ugly half hour...

1. It was beautiful...
(Glenwood Canyon)
(Colorado River)
(Mt. Sopris -- seen from the top of Sunlight)

2. We had tons of fun as a family...
(at the top)

3. The hot springs were amazing -- seriously, I could live there (especially in the thermal pool)...ahhhhh.

4. We did sustain a few minor injuries (the bad) -- DH dived into the pool and tweaked his back; D crashed when his ski popped off (which it did numerous times, but only once while he was actually on it -- the other times happened as he got on the lift) and hurt his neck a little; I injured my big toe in the pool (not sure how)...and then (see the Ugly half hour, below)

5. We took a wrong turn and ended up on a run which was way too hard for E (and really, for me too). E took off her skis and slid down on her back (crying and complaining the whole time about how scared she was) -- and I had to side step down most of it. It took at least 30 minutes, and it was sheer torture (between the steepness and E's reluctance to move -- which I had to motivate her beyond). Near the bottom, once E was safely down, I tried skiing a little -- and the soft snow made it challenging for someone who had little technical skill (yes, that would be me), so I caught an edge, crashed, and twisted my back a bit. (sigh) But...

Did I mention it was beautiful? This was right before the steep we got something out of it ;)

Happy first weekend of April!
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