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Weekend Roundup...

...Saturday, we broke the record high by eight degrees, and yesterday it snowed. Yep, that's CO for you :) Today, it's chilly and the snow is verrry slooowly melting under the sun.

...E had a b-day party to attend on Saturday, and I took her to the wrong place (sigh). Total #momfail moment there. She handled it pretty well, even though she missed 40 minutes of the party by the time we found the right place.

...D had a rough weekend. With all the barometric pressure changes, the poor kid was kind of a mess! When the weather changes that drastically in a short period of time, it really challenges his emotional balance.

...we went to my parents' yesterday morning so the kiddos could play with their cousins. My parents are doing some kind of body cleanse thing (with their diet), so we didn't have breakfast, but I think the kids had fun. D did (we were working on making his day easier, so we played Clue and Chinese checkers with him).'s the last day of spring break. I'm already mourning the extra sleep.

Happy first week in April!
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