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I tried to take a yoga class yesterday, but it's been replaced with kick boxing. So I decided to do that, instead -- and man, I'm sore all over the place today! The funny thing is, while I was doing it, it seemed so much easier than yoga. I used to have a Tai Bo video (back when videos were still the thing), and I'm pretty good at it. I know all the proper ways to do the various kicks, and I had to laugh when I realized my body remembered them all (along with the punches)...but today, my shoulders, back, and calves are one big ache. Yeesh.

The kiddos were in the school talent show last night, and unlike last year (when D was so nervous he played everything at hummingbird speed and got his fingers horribly tangled), they both played very well. E was pretty nervous (this was her first talent show), but she made it through her 15 second piece (yes, it was VERY short). It was fun watching them both (also unlike last year, when I was nervous for D -- I always got pretty nervous anytime I had to play in front of people).

We went to the health fair this morning. Even though we got there around 8:15, we were still too late to sign up for any of the screenings other than blood draw. Well, we could have waited 2 1/2 hours for a hearing test (for DH, not me). Oh, well. At least I remembered not to eat this time (last year I had some cottage cheese as I went out the door).

Today is my slow day -- so I'm going to try and take it easy to prepare for the zoo which tomorrow will be.

Happy middle of the week!
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