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Weekend Roundup...

...we spent Saturday out and about. E had a b-day party halfway across town, and since DH was skiing, D had to come too. We tried to double up our time and went to use his Toys 'R Us gift card -- but there are only three of those in all of Denver, so we ended up driving a lot. Still, D got a new game (Life), and E had fun too.

...DH was home when we got home, so D put the game together, and we all played :)

...yesterday, we went to my parents' for Easter lunch. My FIL joined us, as well -- and my mom organized a treasure hunt (with clues) AND an Easter egg hunt. We also mini-celebrated D's b-day, since my FIL and my parents will be gone for his actual b-day (on Weds). Once my brother and his family left, we got out Life again :)'s been quite gray and gloomy the past few days. The sun peeked out very briefly a couple of times, but yesterday was pretty dim and today looks to be the same. I'm glad for the moisture (though it's more gray than raining), but I miss the sun.

Happy Monday!
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