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Losing my mind...

Although others have done this before me, I need to vent. The waiting is doing me in. Here's my version of agent-time versus my time:

Day One - I'm excited, assuming agent is flipping through my book, eagerly reading...probably no e-mail today, but maybe she'll blog about a great new find. Nope, nothing.

Days Two through Seven - okay, it's been a week now, which means a weekend. Surely she's frantically reading the book a second time, making sure this is what she wants...nope, nothing.

Days Eight through Fourteen - hm, it's starting to take longer than I thought it would...does she hate it? Is she trying to find the right words to tell me it's awful?

Days Fifteen through Thirty - it's over. She's either lost it or used it as kindling. She's forgotten I exist, and i'll be lucky to get a form.

Days Thirty-one through... - agent doesn't blog, she doesn't respond to friendly (and not at all pressuring e-mail) -- it's official. She can't stand my writing; she doesn't even care if she lets me down easy, but she hesitates to break the news because she fears reciprocation on my part. I'll never have an agent.

And what is agent actually doing all this time?

Day One - oh, right, I should probably get to my to-read list
Days Two through Seven - man, that to-read list is getting longer...
Days Eight through Fourteen - I'm swamped, my clients are needing everything all at once -- what to-read list?
Days Fifteen through Thirty - I must be crazy...I just requested two more manuscripts to read, and I still have some from last week -- oops, I mean last month...sigh -- and look at the overflowing e-mail inbox!
Days Thirty through... - I really need to just set everything aside and read; time to make some decisions -- maybe some of these writers already have agents by now.

Well, I hope that's how it's gone, because if my scenario is more accurate, I might scream so loudly that said agent will hear me all the way across the country...when, on when, will she respond already?????
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