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Five on Friday...

1. I've reached the uber-busy week of my work. Yesterday, the students didn't get their papers in until late in the day, so I was CRABBY for dinner.

2. I've bookmarked a barometric reading for our town. I'm tired of being blind-sided by D's moods (um, especially when I'm in a mood myself -- see #1).

3. We have a new yoga instructor at the gym, and I love her! Before, I always felt really good after class, but now, I actually want to be IN class. I love the way she moves through the various positions; I love how she moves around the room and helps us; and I love the way my body feels during and after.

4. The kids have no school today (or yesterday) because of testing (ick). DH agreed to take them with him this morning (so I could go to yoga), and now I'm so enjoying the peace and quiet.

5. It's really windy here today...yes, again. I love the sunshine and the blue, blue sky -- but I must admit the wind is wearing. Still, I'd rather have a sunny and windy day than a cloudy and windy day :)

Happy last weekend in April (that can't be possible...can it?)
Tags: kid worry, life, wind, yoga
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