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Weekend Roundup (with pictures to show)...

...D had a sleepover Friday night, so E and I went to see Rio with my good friend, Linda. It was a fun movie, and I think E felt better about not being invited to the other. D had a great time too :)

...Saturday was hot -- one degree below the record for that date (upper 80s). I mostly worked and did some organizing/cleaning.

...for Mother's Day, we had my parents and my brother and his kids over here. DH made a great breakfast, and we had fun just hanging out and chatting. Then they all left, and we went on a hike -- in the heat. Of course, it will be much hotter in the summer, but 80s for early May seems quite warm :)

(perhaps because of the lovely weather, it was rather crowded -- and I still had work to do, so we couldn't go too far from home)

(in fact, the upside-down raindrop there points to the approximate location of our neighborhood -- so yeah, we weren't far at all)

(Denver was nice and clear too...)

(but you can still see snow on the peaks -- this is near Mt. Evans)

Hope everyone had a lovely weekend :)
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