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Weekend Roundup...

...The sun continued on Saturday (off and on), and DH spent all day on a mtn bike ride (in the mountains) while I took the kiddos to E's piano lesson (recital in two weeks). Then they hung around and I vegged...all in all, a quiet day.

...yesterday was the fun run -- we call it Cougar Tracks.

...perfect weather for this (no rain, though a bit windy), and D was the second fastest boy in 3rd grade. He was in the top five for 9-12 years olds, in fact, though he was disappointed because they only gave out 1st-3rd ribbons. E walked and jogged with our neighbors (and her best friend); the dad stuck with her when his son took off, which I appreciated! I walked with the wife (a friend) most of the way, and then she went back to find her daughter and I cut through to find D at the finish line (he'd been there for a while).

...DH used the rest of yesterday for yard work (which didn't thrill the kiddos), and I went to B&N to get some writing in. It was one of those days where writing was the last thing I wanted to do, but I forced myself. I probably got in 1500 words, which was a relief ;)

...we played Life as a family last night -- it's turning into a weekly (or bi-weekly) event.

...six more days of school (including today), and we're all sooooo ready for summer break! Getting up this morning was killer.

Happy Monday :)
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