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Seeking balance -- or, 'what the h*ll was I thinking?!'

*sigh* So I volunteered for two school projects for the beginning of next year. I didn't think either would be a huge deal (and one of them might not be), and no one else wanted to do them.

Well, now I know why. One of them is such a huge project -- I'm overwhelmed already! Before I can even start it, we have to have a meeting to go over all the steps and what must be avoided this time (which made this horrible last time -- ack). It's going to involve hours and hours of work, and it sounds like it completely stressed out the last person who did it.

The other one isn't as huge, but when added to the pressure from the first, it's going to be a lot. I'm thinking of leaving town for a few months -- think that would work?

Yeesh...I really need to have a person who has to sign a permission slip before I'm allowed to volunteer for anything. Any volunteers for that job? :)

The goal: one step at a time. *sigh*
Tags: teh busyness
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