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Thankful for...

...supportive friends (definitely including everyone who chimed in yesterday -- it helps just knowing that others out there care and understand!)

...sunshine -- we're going on two whole days with sun. I'll take it! (Still keeping all those in the tornado/flood zone in my thoughts and prayers, though.) almost finished bathroom. I'll post before and after pix, but it's looking so much better, and we might have it back for our use in another week! Best of all, it's mold free (ahhhh).'s almost done. Three days, including today, and we'll be free -- and hopefully that feeling will last a while (rather than morphing into the 'I'm bored' phase, ha).

...So You Think You Can Dance -- it's by far my favorite show, and it begins again tonight! This might be my favorite thing about summer (well, in the top five, definitely).

Happy Thursday! :)
Tags: finding thanks
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