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Weekend Roundup...

...of a sort, since today is kind of part of the weekend, no?

...anyway, we went and saw Kung Fu Panda 2 on Friday, and it was very good! I like the humor, the story, the moral -- they're just fun, fun movies :)

...the guy (a friend) who's heading up our bathroom stuff had a BBQ Saturday evening, so we went to that. It did rain a little, but it was a pleasant evening with friends.

...I played tennis for a bit with the kiddos (mostly D) on Sunday. The weather is very atypical for CO right now -- humid. It feels like we're at the beach, and I was pretty sweaty after our game. BUT, I took the opportunity to use the new shower for the first time -- and it was good (although we couldn't get the water very hot, but that might be something else).

...this morning, I took E to B&N so she could use her latest gift card. She bought a diary (with a lock and key). Now I need to clean (sigh). We don't really have any special plans for today (DH is mowing the lawn, though, ha).

Happy Memorial Day (for all who relax/celebrate)!
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