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Weekend Roundup...'s certainly feeling like summer now -- yeesh! Plus, what little wind we have is blowing the smoke from NM and AZ fires to us, and our sky is very smoky and icky. *sigh*

...E did very well at her recital, and D wasn't upset at all -- *happy mom moment*

...we had a lovely brunch with my brother and parents yesterday. It was more peaceful than usual because my niece wasn't there. She's almost five, and she's very high energy and demands E's attention a lot. E's always very patient with her (and usually enjoys it); but I think she enjoyed the break yesterday.

...we spent the rest of yesterday cleaning. Today's the cleaning day on our schedule, but because it's summer, flexibility is the name of the game ;) Today, instead of cleaning, we're going to the pool with my good friend L and her daughter -- since it's supposed to be mid-90s, I'm thinking it'll be a nice way to spend the afternoon!

Happy Monday :D
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