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Weekend Roundup...

...we cleaned and cleaned and cleaned on Saturday (yep, it was loads of fun).

...yesterday, amid the stormy weather, we went on a picnic with my dad and my FIL. We'd planned for DH to be able to ride, but by the time he got around to attempting it, it was pouring. We had to laugh because it was over 80 degrees on Mother's Day, and yesterday, it didn't even reach 65.

Well, that's about it! We did have a very nice time with our dads, and we both feel very blessed to have such wonderful men in our lives. Both my FIL and my dad are caring, gentle, nature-loving, active people -- and they've been great dads (mine for my entire life, and DH's for a good portion of it -- there were issues after the divorce and during my FIL's second marriage). We even heard from DH's ex-stepdad, so that was nice!

Happy Summer's Eve!
Tags: family, life
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