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Weekend Roundup...

...DH took the kiddos to a long (and not-that-interesting) dance/song/speech thing for my MIL's tai chi folk. I spent the time vegging (and getting my hair cut) -- nice trade off ;)

...the kiddos and I spent Saturday evening playing Yahtzee after having some Mexican dinner (yum).

...yesterday, we finally had a chance to do our nature walk:

...there were columbines everywhere! It was beautiful -- quite different from our week-ago experience, and I love showing the kiddos the diversity in nature :)

...when we got home, I cut E's hair and DH cut D's hair -- and since DH also went to get his hair cut, we're a newly shorn family ;)

...last night, we attended a birthday party for DH's grandma, who turns 94 today! It was nice to see that side of the family (with no tension, for once), and the kiddos had a great time with their second cousins (which they were meeting for only the second time). They're all the same ages too (the boy is 9; the two girls are 6 and 7). Definitely a successful gathering :)

Enjoy the last June Monday for 2011!
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