robinellen (robinellen) wrote,

Weekend roundup (mostly about IKEA)... took us about 20 minutes to simply get into the parking garage. For an invitation-only event, it was absolutely MOBBED!

...after carefully locking the car and dropping my keys into my purse, we were off (um, this is important information for later events).

...they herded everyone up to the showroom, and it was crowded enough that I felt a bit like cattle being shuffled from room to room -- still, it was pretty exciting :)

...we thought about eating at the cafeteria after completely the showroom circuit -- except that the lines there were ridiculously long! So we went down to the marketplace instead.

...I got all kinds of stuff I like -- but it only cost $27 (for about 18 items).

...we went back up and ate. We ran into D's basketball coach (hard to believe with five billion people there) -- his wife is Swedish and was one of their liaisons, apparently. Pretty cool...

...I had spinach crepes (I mention this because they are delicious) -- and we shared a piece of ultimate chocolate cake (mostly mousse and also very good).

...then we went to pay and check out before heading to the car -- which is when I discovered my keys were missing. Ack! At first, I assumed I'd locked them in the car, but when we reached the car, no keys...

...I went back inside and talked to a checkout lady, who called the customer service office -- and yay! They had my keys (*whew*). We went up in a special elevator, and she took me to the desk. The security guard looks at me and says, "So, where did you lose your keys?"

...I say, "Well, I'm not sure, but I think they must have fallen out of my purse, probably into the yellow bag."

...he shakes his head. "Were you in a hurry this morning?" Me: "Um, no." Him: "We found the keys in the ignition, the car running, and the door open." Me: "...!!!" Him: "Perhaps you should be more careful in the future, no?" Me: "...!!!"

...I was so shocked -- probably a good thing, or I might have put all the pieces together and mentioned that they clearly had a thief at their special event. Still, we got the keys back, the car WASN'T stolen (though it must have been close...we're guessing someone found the keys, pushed the panic button to locate the car, but before they could drive away with it, someone spooked them and they ran, leaving the door open -- I mean, my car beeps at me with the door open and keys in the ignition, and I know I locked the doors and closed them because E asked if I'd locked them as we walked away). Yeesh!

...P.S. So be on the lookout for IKEA-lovin', tree-hugging Subaru thieves ;) (My friends' joke.)

Happy last week in July!
Tags: ikea
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