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Weekend Roundup...

...E spent Saturday with my MIL and her boyfriend looking at RVs. I guess my MIL is planning on selling her house and traveling around the country in an RV...her parents did that for a few years, and apparently it sounds like fun (um, not to me).

...Saturday night we went to a cafe in the mountains with my parents. The ambiance was nice (and it was at least ten degrees cooler, which was very nice), but the food was meh, at best. Oh, well :)

...I got ten hours of sleep Saturday night -- I didn't even know I could sleep that long! It felt pretty good, though, and it'll probably have to hold me for another 20 years ;)

...We're experiencing a heat wave right now, though it's cloudy at the moment, and I'm hoping we won't reach the almost-100-degree heat they've predicted. *sweats*

...just as my summer work winds down, school stuff is cropping up. I have three big projects to complete in August -- one of which will need to be done this week. *sigh*

Still, happy August! :)
Tags: life, school stuff, weather
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