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Busy days...

School starts again on the 22nd. We're all in mourning ;)

Today, the kiddos got to choose a free book for the summer reading program at the library. D was more interested in the teen books -- so next summer, I think we'll sign him up for the teen program (he'll be 10, and the librarian said that was old enough).

We talked to DH's aunt (my aunt-in-law?), and now we're going to their cabin in Grand Lake for one night before school starts. The kids are already excited (I am too -- it's right on the CO River, and we always see moose and gorgeousness).

I have two half-days already scheduled to help at school before the 22nd -- I'm glad to help, but at the same time, I'm starting to feel a little overwhelmed...just think, next summer will mark the end of at least half of this stuff (since my 'term' as PIE chair is only two years). Yay!

We're hoping to fit in one more camping trip this month. It might be the weekend before school starts...which could be a fitting end to summer (sad, though *sob*).

I don't understand how this summer went so quickly. I realize it isn't over yet, but it's feeling even more rushed now that it's officially August. We had previously scheduled a playdate for today, and I was so relieved when it fell through. I want as many days as possible to just be :)

Here's to this moment, right now!
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