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So, I'd thought things would slow down this week -- ha! Not even close...

Tomorrow the kids don't have school, so I'm hoping for some slow-down there. We had planned to camp this weekend, but DH realized he has to set up his new computer and learn the programs (for work, which changes its format next Thursday) NOW.

I'm glad we're hanging around -- my mom's gallery is having an art show, and she's the featured artist. That's on Saturday, and my friend Liz is joining me to visit :) Also, the Pro Challenge (cycling) is going through Golden this weekend, and it might be fun to watch up close.

Next week, I have three volunteer trainings to give -- that should be interesting. We've never done that at our school before, so we're giving it a try. I think it could be valuable, but I'm feeling a little unprepared...still, we have to start somewhere (at least, that's what I keep telling myself). The regular meetings also begin next week (yeesh). Yep, the school year is back in force!

We are hoping to get away for Labor Day weekend, however -- perhaps with our camping friends. We don't want to actually camp (in part because DH's truck is filled with dirt we were using for the landscaping issues at our rental), but we talked about finding a rental and splitting the costs (which would make it fairly cheap). It would be nice if that worked out :)

Still, a break will be good, regardless.

The kids have had a good week so far -- both have come home happy and fulfilled, and there have been no issues in the mornings. I'd say fall is almost here (my favorite season) except it's been boiling hot all week!

What would you like to ramble about today?
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