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Five on Friday...

1. I'm so ready for a three-day weekend.

2. The last 'event' went well, but by the end, I was beyond tired and not thinking that clearly (oops). Hopefully, I didn't say anything too stupid. Of course, the kiddos had to go with me, and they were also tired (and thus hyper). I don't 'yell' at them, but I was pretty firm...I'm hoping it didn't put anyone off. *sigh*

3. My classes started yesterday. The first week is all them (they're working on the first assignment), so I only had to send out my greeting and some additional instructions for some. Still, I'm gearing up.

4. DH is having a heckuva time learning his new software. Apparently, there are some bugs (no surprise), and it took him all day just to work out one appraisal -- he was not a happy camper! And since he mutters at his computer while he's working, it's hard for me to concentrate. By the time I had to fix dinner and prepare for the stuff last night, I was done.

5. Good news: I finished my first draft yesterday (actually typed 'the end')! It's only taken me seven months to write this book (ack)...that might be a record ;) Now, of course, it needs tons of work -- but revising is my favorite part. I'm hoping to get it done in one month (well, we'll see).

Enjoy the first weekend of September, and for those in the U.S., a great three-day weekend!
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