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Middling on time...

Time is an interesting thing. I watch my kiddos and see how, to them, time is abundant and often too slow. D, however, will comment now and then about how time really does speed up when he's doing something he loves.

I'm a synesthete (someone who mixes sensory experiences -- this website offers exampes and a test) with time. I've heard conflicting things about time synesthetes: some claim it's the most common form of synesthesia; others claim it's the rarest. Whatever it is, I have it, and to me, time is a distinct shape and feel in my mind.

I'm always aware of the movement of time, as well. Even as I go through my day, I can feel the curve of time and its constant flow. Does this mean I'm punctual? Not even close -- I tend to believe I can fit in just about anything, regardless of the small amount of time available ;)

Right now, I have a to-do list which is longer than I am, and in my mind, I see that contrasting with the space of time in which it must be done...we'll see what happens ;) Of course, I assume I'll get it done. The intereting thing is, it always does get done. No matter how impossible it appears, I've never missed a deadline.

How about you? Do you see or feel time? Is it your friend or your foe? :)
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