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Friday Five...

1. Still waiting on those pics from last fall are dated from the 13th through the beginning of October, but other than a few of the undergrowth's leaves, we have nothing but green so far this year. (I'm one of those who actually worries they'll miss it...)

2. My parents are taking the kiddos Saturday night so DH can take me out for my birthday -- better late than never, no? :) We're going to see a movie too, I believe...

3. Classes are gearing up and I'm getting back in the swing of things -- plus, I got 14 more students yesterday (thanks, lizjonesbooks), so my roster is right where I hoped it would be :)

4. The kitty left us a bevy of feathers on the front porch as a present this morning...he looked quite pleased with himself. Of course, we also heard of a mountain lion and her cub in the area, so he'd better watch out before he finds himself as an hors d'oeurves!

5. Do you think that if I drive up to the best leaf-viewing spots this weekend, that my wishing will make the hillsides gold? Hm...I might have to try it.

Happy last weekend of summer!
Tags: glorious fall, life
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