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Weekend Roundup...

...the kiddos when to my parents' Saturday night, and we got a date night :D We went and saw Rise of the Planet of the Apes -- it was pretty good! We went to a super-fancy restaurant (we had a gift certificate from one of DH's clients, since we normally don't spend anywhere near that kind of money to eat out), and it was fun :) Between dinner and the movie, we even went on a little hike/walk to check out a trail DH is interested in.

...we had brunch with my parents yesterday (kind of a belated b-day brunch); that was also nice.

...E had two birthday parties to attend this weekend -- and I'd planned to head up to the hills and check for leaves after the second (yesterday), but when I looked at the ski cams around the mountains, I realized there are no leaves turning. None. Not even in Aspen! *sigh* I guess I'll have to be patient a while longer... was field day today: D was in the morning and E was in the afternoon. I'm bushed...and now I have tons of work to catch up on *zzzz*

Happy Monday :)
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