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Weekend Roundup...

...the kiddos went mountain biking Saturday morning with DH, and then I dragged them on a hike in the afternoon to look at leaves. The only saving grace (in their opinion) was that their 'auntie' joined us...still, they were beat by the time we got home!

...yesterday, I got to spend a few hours with the last part of the directory -- and if you haven't gathered already, I would NOT recommend this project for anyone volunteering at their kiddos' school! It's not only a huge time-suck, but it's stressful and frustrating to boot...

...the good news is that I'm caught up with grading, so this week shouldn't be too bad (yay) :) case you're not totally sick of the leaf pix, here's one more:

Happy October (I can't believe I can already say that)!
Tags: glorious fall, school stuff
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