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Five on Friday...

1. I'm so glad it's Friday again! (Just saying...)

2. I'm hoping to get some more writing done today. Friday's are the only week day I can put all school stuff aside and just focus on other things. I'm glad I have at least one day like that (it's been the only day, lately)!

3. Does the beauty of the season ever make you *ache* sometimes? We've had one of the prettiest falls I can remember...and it's almost painfully beautiful sometimes (in a good way, no?).

4. For those of you with kiddos in school, does your school have a homework policy? How about a bullying policy? We're working on both for our school, and I'm trying to get a wider perspective (um, trying to sway more folks to my thoughts, ha) as we set goals for next year.

5. What are you going to do to celebrate fall this weekend? We just got a new park (well, new playground in an existing park), and the kiddos from all over are loving it -- all ages too. It's pretty neat to see all of them swarming over it in the sunshine. :)

Happy Friday!
Tags: glorious fall, school stuff, writing and life
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