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Waiting blues...

Have you ever noticed that your creativity deflates when you're in waiting mode? Maybe it's just me?

I have gotten some writing done...but when it typically takes me a month (or less) to write a first draft, and here it is the beginning of April and I'm still only 15K into a book I started in December...well, I think I've got the waiting blues.

You might be wondering if said agent is worth waiting for...she so is! And I've read here and there that spring is a particularly busy time for many agents and editors because of the book fairs and conferences. I understand that, I do, but -- I'm still impatient!

Okay, that's all. Just needed to put it into words, I think. Wouldn't it be wonderful if all of us waiting right now had good news by May 1st? I'm going to place my positive vibes in that basket...the May 1, 2007 wonderful news basket :D
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