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Funny how things go, and the random ideas that pop into my head on days like this.

Did you know that I was a dedicated ice skating fan? I say 'was'...I suppose I still am. My favorite skaters, and the reason I watched pretty much every single skating special/event I could find, were Gordeeva and Grinkov.

For those of you who are saying, "Huh? Who?", I offer a (hopefuly brief) summary:

G&G (as they're known in the skating world) won the '88 Olympics when she was 16 and he was 21 (I think). They fell in love soon thereafter, got married, and had a baby. Then they decided to go for the Olympics again in '94. Another gold later, and life seemed ideal. Truly I (and many, many others) consider them the best pairs' skaters EVER. Their skating is magic, purity, loveliness...amazing. In '95, Sergei had a heart attack and died...I was depressed for months. Serious depression where I woke up in the morning and wondered why the sun didn't seem to be shining as brightly. To this day, certain pieces of music take me right back there...but hers is a story of everything working out. Yes, she was devastated, grief-stricken, heart-broken. But she met another man, another skater even (another gold medallist), and now she's married again.

Why does all this matter? Well, I just discovered I can download her skating -- I'm sure this has been possible for a long time, but a new discovery warrants a post on it :)

IN other thoughts, I just read a bit of Nathan Bransford's blog about used books...I used to be the used book queen. I never paid for a new book, but now that I know writers (now that I am a writer), I buy new books. Especially my friends' books.

That's all for tonight -- it's bed time :)
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