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1. Yesterday was soooooo cold -- but today, the sun is out, and things are quite a bit warmer.

2. This morning, the school hosted 'Muffins & Moms' -- put on by the dads ;) D's coach is the head of the committee, and it was crowded! I've not gone before (because I don't want to get up early), but this year, we just got up at the usual time and I drove them instead of us walking to the bus. It worked, and we'll probably do it again next year.

3. D's first game was this week -- and man, it was exciting! There was something weird going on with the scoreboard (and the time clock), and when the game should have ended, D's team was on top...thankfully, five minutes later when it actually ended, they were still on top. The winning basket was a 3-pointer from our team -- man, it was pretty thrilling. :) D made the first basket of the game (and 8 of the 10 boys scored at least one point).

4. This week was the reprieve, but now, the remaining days until Christmas seem to be rapidly filling up -- I'm taking deep breaths and working to just focus on the right here and now!

5. I'm glad I got this in today -- I feel like I'm sneaking around to make my way through the intermittent access. Have a great first weekend of December!
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