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Weekend Roundup...

...we had our usual movie night Friday night -- it's a nice, relaxing ending to the week.

...D had a choir performance at the mall Saturday morning -- we could almost hear them (and we were only ten feet away) over the blaring music being played on the mall's speakers. But I think the kids had fun.

...we went to our good friends' house Saturday night, and although we stayed way too late (didn't get home until 11:30), it was a lovely evening of laughter and conversation.

...I walked for almost three hours with the PTA president this morning -- we talked through a bunch of the stuff that's been going on, and it was a good purge, I think. I definitely feel better now, and hopefully she does too.

...this week has a ton of stuff crammed into it, but we know that we have the reward of a break at the end -- so onward!

Happy Monday (even though it's still Sunday)!
Tags: friends, life, school stuff

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