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Book Report Roundup for 2011...

I only read 106 books last year -- quite a bit lower than previous years. However, a big part of that is because of work (which increased) and online, serial fics (which I don't really count as books, although they ended up as novel-sized stories by the end).

I'd made a goal of 250 books for myself, which I clearly didn't even approach. I think, for 2012, I'd like to read at least 125 books. That seems do-able, and hopefully, I'll at least come close. :)

Here's the break-down of my reading habits in 2011:

Adult books: 7% of the total -- and over half of those were by Linda Howard (yes, I appear to be a creature of habit)

Tween books: 4% of the total (so not many)

Rereads: just under 5% of the total

YA books: 85% of the total
Science Fiction/Dystopia - 22%
Contemporary - 22%
Paranormal - 17%
Urban Fantasy - 10%
GLBTQ - 10%
Adventure/Mystery - 8%
Fantasy - 4%
Verse - 3%
Romance - 1%
Graphic - 1%
Five-star reads - ~15% - which is a great number, imo

So there you have it! (If you notice that the percentages don't quite add up to 100%, that's because I rounded each time.) As the vast majority (and no, I didn't go through and count, but I'm fairly certain it's over 90%) of the books were published this year, it also tells you a little bit about publishing trends in YA -- there were TONS of dystopic books!

Did you notice any trends in your reading?
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