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Friday Five (not really resolutions)...

1. I'm starting to feel like I'm really back at home. It helps tremendously that I have a slow work week (which started yesterday).

2. So we got home Tuesday evening, I went to the gym Weds morning, I walked with a friend for over an hour yesterday morning, and I went to the gym today. Whew! I feel like I might be making strides back to the level of fitness I want (and probably need). One day at a time....

3. I'd decided at the beginning of December (or end of November?) that I was going to try and write for five minutes a day. That lasted all of a week (maybe not even that long) -- BUT, yesterday, I picked it back up again. I'm hoping I can make it a habit, because I need that creative time, I think.

4. #s 2 & 3 are sounding frighteningly like resolutions...but that's okay. ;) I like the idea of a new start and a fresh chance to create positive habits in my daily life. So to add to that, I hope to continue taking each moment and letting it be -- I'm not an expert, but I've been practicing it for a while now. Perhaps, eventually, it will be first nature, no?

5. And lastly, I still want to learn the guitar. I've learned some basic chords, so now I'm going to try and learn an actual song. DH got a Led Zeppelin guitar book for Christmas, so hopefully, he'll take it up too! And D wants me to help him practice the piano every day (or at least five days a week) this year. *winces* We'll see how that goes too...

Happy first full weekend of 2012!
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