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It's been a While...

Well, I'm not a very good blogger, am I? I only update once and a while -- I only check once and a while. But I love reading all my friends' blogs, even though I don't always respond (okay, seldom respond)...what's new here?

I've been reading Kristen Nelson's blog daily...greatly enjoy her insights into an agent's mind. Plus, she has a query of mine, and as I've yet to do any of her listed no-nos, I'm still hoping....

Received my first request for a partial today -- yay! Okay, so I received one other, but it was from an agent who's more a scammer than anything else. So this was my first from a real agent -- with a real agency! In fact, one of their clients is one of the five best-selling authors ever -- eek! What are my chances? Probably not good. But I'm just thrilled to get my foot (pinky toe) in the door.

My dream agent? Someone who loves my writing, who appreciates the fact that I'm quite prolific (six books in 18 months) -- and someone who will take advantage of my learning curve.... And yes, it would be nice if this someone could get me a two or three book deal and help me bring in enough money that my husband can quit stressing...I'm not talking millions here, but a nice supplemental income would be great. Do I ask too much?

For all of you out there hoping for the same thing, my positive thoughts are with you!

I'll certainly update if I actually get an agent, btw....
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