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Pretty but bad weather...

We've had big, fluffy flakes falling most of the day, which is so gorgeous. However, the roads are awful. I drove my kids today because I had a meeting first thing, and we saw over a dozen (not exaggerating) people stuck and/or crashed into curbs on the main hill leading to school alone! One of those was a teacher, who was trapped behind someone who had crashed into another person's yard. What a mess!

It got better for a bit, and by the time I came out of the meeting (which was loooong because we have a new principal), it looked like it might taper off. Well, I went back to help with D's class (a weekly appointment -- and man, were those kids wound up?!!), and when I came out the second time, the snow had picked up again, and the roads were again worsening. Yeesh...I don't blame the district, of course. It's not like they could have known the roads would be this slick.

The snowfall, itself, isn't that much (maybe six inches overall), but the air is just cold enough for the slickness to build up. Anyway, it made me very glad I had a Subaru (and I still had to drive very slowly).

So on this chilly and wintery Weds, stay safe! :) (Some of you probably have 60s and sunshine, so just enjoy it for me too, okay?)
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