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Thankful for beginnings and endings...

I've mentioned (I think) that my kiddos' school recently lost their principal (she retired in December). It's an interesting time. Because I'm fairly involved on the volunteer level, I'm getting to see how the school moves on from this. Our interim is wonderful (from what I've seen), and I think she'll be a very positive seque to the next phase of the school's life.

I was fairly good friends with the previous principal (insofar that we spend time together and worked closely on a number of things), so I wasn't sure how it would feel to have to move on from that. But as we so often learn, endings lead to beginnings, and beginnings can offer so many things.

We won't be starting the hiring process for the new principal for another month or so, and I'm not planning on being involved (other than offering my support for the one chosen). However, I'm curious to see how the person meshes with our community and how he/she changes the directions in which we've been moving.

Life is filled with new opportunities all the time, isn't it? Happy Thursday!
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