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Weekend Roundup...

...Saturday was all about football (sigh). Since I don't care, I read a lot (which is how I finished the 500+ pages). Of course, the Broncos didn't really show up for the game at all, which I found slightly amusing. I get tired of the Tebow/God hype. However, DH and D were quite disappointed (they don't go in for the hype; they simply love the team).

...yesterday, D went to his BFF's house for a sleepover. It was quiet and relaxed -- and DH's b-day (though we kind of celebrated Saturday). DH gets his own b-day gifts (bike stuff is on sale during the winter), so he tells me he doesn't need anything else. *sigh* I did print out a couple of pics for him (and hung them) so he wasn't totally empty-handed. We didn't even go out to dinner (it's challenging, because my parents usually offer to take the kiddos for an entire weekend for our anniversary, which is only three weeks from now -- so I hate to ask them for more free babysitting, and DH won't pay a sitter).

...maybe we'll go to lunch tomorrow (if he has time -- he's busy right now). Sadly, DH and his buddies went skiing on Saturday, as well, only to discover there's NO snow -- they said they were surrounded by dirt. A sad state of affairs for skiers and resorts alike!

So, a slightly (or more than slightly) disappointing weekend around here. But the sun is shining, and today is a new day! :)
Tags: birthday, needing thanks
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