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Weekend Roundup...'s been wiiiindy around here -- so much so that I barely slept last night (sigh). But the air is sparkling clear and lovely ;)

...D's b-ball team won their game on Saturday. It was close the entire time, and the other team really pushed them to play as a team. All the parents were pretty into it, and when there were 19 seconds left, and we were down by 1, I think we all assumed it was over. But then, the shortest guy on our team stole the ball, got it to our best shooter in a great pass, and he scored -- and was fouled! For a second there, it was like the pros ;)

...sadly, in the same game, crazy Robin made an appearance. I can't remember the last time crazy Robin showed up, and it was rather mortifying after the fact *is embarrassed*. The court was set up with two side-by-side. We were on the court closer to the door, and when the game next to us finished, a huge group of people walked right across our court -- in the middle of our game -- and, well, I yelled and screamed at them to get off the court (it was not pretty). At least I didn't say, "Get off the f-ing court," right? *sigh* Small comfort, really.

...DH went skiing yesterday, and there was actual snow -- but apparently the whole state of CO heard about the snow (and had been waiting). DH said every single lift line was close to 30 minutes (ack), so they didn't have much fun. Even though they are easily the best skiers out there (so they seldom see people on their runs), the lift lines were ridiculous.

...but he and D enjoyed the play-offs yesterday, so that was nice.

Happy final full week of January (can it be?)!
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