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Five on Friday (a little early)...

1. The wind and warmer weather makes me think of fall, even though our leaves are long gone.

2. However, there's a storm headed this way -- good for the mountains, and DH and his ski buddies are pretty thrilled...but poor D *shakes head*. This weather really ambushes him, and he's still recovering from the migraine and now dealing with the barometric pressure and how icky that makes him feel. Hopefully, tomorrow will be better (it should be, as the storm will be here, rather than building).

3. I started another WIP yesterday...I like the one I'm working on, but this idea came to me and I really like the MC. I can hear him talking to him and telling me his story, so we'll see how far it goes.

4. Of course, work is picking up too, so I might not have that much time to work on writing. I can't believe February is so close -- that just means more meetings at school too. Thankfully, we have March off because of state testing.

5. I must admit I'm excited to have come out of the gate so strong with the reading. I've really missed having a book going all the time, and I think it stunts my creativity and adds to my stress when that part of me isn't fulfilled. I don't know if I'll be able to keep up the pace, but it feels good right now. :)

Happy last weekend in January!
Tags: kid stuff, reading, writing
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