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Weekend Roundup...

...we went to the 'winter social' Friday night (like a carnival). I think both kiddos had fun, which is definitely the point. I was surprised to see so many of D's classmates there (the younger students don't surprise me much) --including his entire b-ball team wandering around in small groups.

...DH went skiing Saturday (though he said they were hitting rocks and dirt in places -- we desperately need snow in our mountains!). D had a b-day party at his BFF's, and E and I ran errands (I know, poor E).

...yesterday was cleaning day, and we got all it done by noon (not bad, no?). Then I worked for a few hours, and my FIL came over for dinner. Very home-y and pleasant.

...we also heard from DH's aunt, who's invited us to Boston for a week this summer -- and she's paying! We weren't sure we should let her...technically, we can afford it; but although we'd love to see her, spending that much for the four of us to travel east wasn't really on the financial agenda. However, it sounds like she'd really like to do this, so we're going! I'm pretty excited, as I've never been further east than Michigan (in the US -- I've been to the British Isles).'s supposed to reach 60, and I'm going to trail run to celebrate (hehe)...I'm itching for it, I must admit!

Happy Monday :)
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