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Middling and rambling about politics (kind of)...

I'm not a very political person. I suppose that's a strange comment, because in many ways, we're all political simply by having opinions about how life should go (for ourselves, at the very least). But I keep my political thoughts to myself. I did take a survey (poll?) during 2008 to find out where I fell on the right-left spectrum. Turns out, I'm almost smack-dab in the middle (shocker). I have very liberal ideas about some things and very conservative ideas about others.

The most interesting part of the survey was when they plotted my views versus other famous people. There were four quadrants with these people (including the political candidates at that time) scattered around the quadrants (all of which had different tags -- and no, I don't remember any of them). I fell in same quadrant (very close to center, however) with Ghandi and Mother Theresa -- in fact, I was right next to Ghandi (probably the closest I'll ever be in this life, ha).

What does that mean? Well, mostly it means that there will not be a political candidate that I'll like. NONE of the candidates at that time were in my quadrant. The only one even remotely close was Hilary Clinton (and isn't that humorous??), who was also close to center but diagonally across from me. I don't think much has changed. It takes a certain type of person to want to run for office -- and regardless of their ideals and humanitarianism, once they get to the federal level (and often long before that), the political process beats their humility and altruism out of, in my humble opinion, that is.

It's hard when it comes down to voting time. I vote because I want to celebrate my right to do so -- but I rarely vote for any of the big names. I tend to follow some obscure person who has no chance in winning (I can't remember the name of the guy I voted for in the last election -- which tells you only whom I didn't vote for).

So as the Republicans are marching to war (ha), I'm watching...and wondering how it will all turn out. I generally don't worry about it too much -- what will be will be (that's the Tolle side of me). I look at my little corner of the world and do what I can here. And even here, although I'm the Chair of the accountability committee at our local school, it wasn't a nominated position (well, the committee of four nominated me when no one else wanted to do it). One of the school parents told me I was like Switzerland -- neutral. And I am. Regardless of my personal beliefs (which are on the strong side), I don't like getting involved in political things.

So I'll watch and laugh and maybe even argue (for fun) over this and that during this political season, but other than that, I'm out. :)

Happy February!
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