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Weekend Roundup and my inability to be a party girl...

...D had a game Friday night, and their team won (well, they completely dominated, really) -- but the best part was how well the team is coming together and playing AS A TEAM! We only have one more game, so at least it happened before the end of the season (ha). They will be going on to the play-offs, but it's single elimination, so we never know how long those will last.

...DH went skiing Saturday, and although they couldn't go to their favorite resort (which still has no snow), they went to another one and apparently had a great time.

...E had a five-hour b-day party on Saturday to attend -- can you imagine?? She was thrilled, and it was kind of nice having her occupied all day.

...DH's best man had a b-day party of his own Saturday night. About a year and a half ago, he married a woman we went to high school with. None of us wives were friends with her in hs, but we've all been doing a pretty good job (I think) of building bridges and getting past the stupid teenage stuff -- but I did not do very well Saturday night. Gah! I'm not a party person (by any stretch of the imagination), and although I can do small talk for a time (and do it quite well), it's like my brain begins shutting down after a while...but my mouth keeps going. I said a couple of really stupid things -- and the worst part is, I was totally trying to be sympathetic, but I think I just sounded like a jerk. *sigh* I always know it's time to leave when that happens, and as soon as the nonsense began coming out, I grabbed the kiddos and took off. I'd been doing so well up till then too...*deeper sigh* Hopefully, I didn't completely insult her.

...D got to spend some time with his two best friends yesterday afternoon, which I think he really enjoyed. Poor kiddo had another migraine, though -- this one, thankfully, only lasted a couple of hours. Our weather has been very strange (with constant, threatening storms), and I think it's starting to take its toll on him. We're needing summer (as spring can be just as bad)!

Happy Valentine's Day Eve! :)
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