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Weekend Roundup...

...D's team won their last game, (they played the same team they played their first game) -- it was close (just like the first time they played this team), and all the parents were having heart attacks on the sidelines ;)

...we had the team party right after, and man, those boys are energetic and wild! It was interesting to watch, as D is definitely of a different ilk than many of them...he and his bff (who's the only b-ball team member in his class) are both quieter and less rowdy than the other boys, so I guess it's good they have each other, no?

...E had an ice-skating party to attend yesterday. Apparently, she did pretty well (I didn't stay, as it just about broke my back to help E skate the only other time she's tried) and had a great time.

...The Amazing Race began last night -- I'm a happy camper :)

Happy Monday! (President's Day, no?)
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