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Friday Four...

1. I actually went clothes shopping today. I haven't done that in ages -- and I only ended up getting three shirts (for E) at the thrift store and a sweater for me (from Kohl's -- and very much on sale). I also got shoes for the kiddos...but since they weren't with me, I can only hope they'll fit (as the price was good). It was fun and strangely freeing ;)

2. I have tons of work to do, which is why I'm here, procrastinating. I love to procrastinate (well, until I'm still up at 10 pm, doing stuff I should've done hours before).

3. So DH was front-ended (by someone backing into him) a few weeks ago, and they still haven't dealt with it. Fortunately, a policeman came, so it's on we just need to see if it can be fixed and find a rental DH can drive in the meantime (the car is technically drive-able, but the front end is smashed enough that the hood doesn't open).

4. I'm so glad it's Friday -- this week lasted forever (though it might have been mostly the migraine day which made it feel like that). I got some new books at the library too :D

Happy last weekend in February!
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