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Weekend Roundup...

...So there's this trilogy. The first book I got at ALA (probably two years ago?) and really enjoyed. The second book I got last January (over a year ago) at ALA...and didn't get to...until the third book came in at the library. I decided I'd read book two and three in one go -- but the thing is, the subject matter really isn't my thing. I mean, I liked book one, but the market wasn't as inundated then as it is now. So I just read the last two chapters of books two and three -- and now I know how the plots and character arcs ended, and I'm satisfied. Yeah, I'm the worst kind of reader *sigh*

...Other than that, I worked. It's my busy week, and with 60+ students, that means I'm in front of the computer, on my (now sore) rear end, editing, reading, teaching. I really enjoy parts of it (like seeing what kind of things the students come up with); other parts are more painful (like getting a two-paragraph "research" paper and having to figure out how to constructively help the student). Over the years, I've built up a repertoire of notes that I send out emphasizing various things -- like a topic/thesis/opinion statement. Pretty much the foundation stone of any research paper -- and I still get students who leave it out!! I mention it during almost every assignment, I help them write one (if they cooperate, of course), and I tell them exactly where to place when they leave it out, it's a little maddening. I must say, however, that the percentages are getting much better -- so far this session, only two have forgotten it (and one was the two-paragraph girl...I'm wondering if she's much younger than she should be to take this course).

...Oh, and we did clean Saturday, so the house smells and looks all fresh (for a couple days, right?). Today I have a meeting at school (they're never ending, sigh), but other than that, it's back at it.

Enjoy the last couple of days of February -- less than a month till spring, no? :)
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