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I'm excited...

I'm off to the Pikes Peak Writers Conference this weekend. I'm going with shaelise; but I'm planning to meet a couple of other children's writers there, women from the blue board :) If I remember, I'll take my camera.

Why do I like conferences? When I went to my first one, I truly thought I would find an agent there (he-he). Yep, I was a newbie! But the PPWC is a great conference for networking ,chatting, sharing, learning...just about everything good about this business. There are pitch opportunities, of course, but those aren't the focus for me. After all, we all know that it's rare for agents or editors to actually take on something they've heard about at a conference.

of course, at the PPWC there's the story (oft-repeated) of Giles Carwyn and Todd Fahnestock who pitched their fantasy trilogy to Donald Maass himself (during a chatting time, NOT a pitch session -- which is, of course, frowned upon)...DM was interested, and then they had to do some serious scrambling because he asked for the whole thing -- and they'd only written about half of the first book. Oops. But it worked out, and their first book (of the trilogy) came out last spring. They're great speakers, btw. They'll be at this one too, though I don't think they're scheduled for any workshops this time.

Last year I came home totally energized, excited, and brimming with ideas. There was a huge leap in my writing, and I've used things I learned there throughout this year. So I'm anticipating what I'll hear this year :)

Why do you like conferences? What would you be looking forward to?

Oh, btw, Jim Butcher of DRESDEN fame is the speaker Saturday night -- woo-hoo!
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