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Weekend Roundup... was wiiiindy this weekend, but today, it's calm and still -- and supposed to reach 70! (yay)

...D had a tennis and pasta party on Saturday, and when we arrived, the hostess invited E to stay, as well. Both had a great time, and it was fun to watch them hitting the balls around.

...I wasn't planning to stay, but then I got to talking with another mom. She's also a perfectionist, and she had plenty of interesting insights into struggles D might have (or be having).

...we had brunch at my parents' yesterday (our monthly family time). It was nice, and the kiddos had fun playing outside with 'Boppa.' Then my FIL came over for dinner, which was also pleasant (though, I must admit, after having my MIL and her boyfriend here on Weds and then this yesterday, I was ready for some serious alone time).

...I did a little unwinding while watching TAR -- man, there are a couple of serious whiners on this season!

Happy March Monday!
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