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Friday Four...

1. After two days of cold and some icy snow pellets, today is supposed to hit mid-50s -- and the weekend into the 70s! I'm celebrating by planning a hiking day for the kiddos tomorrow. We got them a camera and fanny packs for V-day, so this will be their first chance to try them out.

2. I'm also attempting to return to my practice of taking Friday afternoon for writing (rather than just grading writing). I'm so hoping I can pull it off today!

3. The kiddos are each having a playdate after school today -- at our house! D is bringing home his two bffs, and E is bringing home one of the posse of girls who hang out together in her class. It should be...interesting (I might need help, hehe).

4. One of DH's friends gave him 3 lift tickets to Copper Mtn. Now we need to find time to take the kiddos. (DH has a year-long pass there.) D is in the midst of testing (CSAP), so we have maybe three days we'll be able to try it. Yeesh.

Happy Friday! I hope the sun is shining on you -- what spring-like thing will you attempt this weekend? (Don't forget the time change Saturday night!)
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