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Weekend Roundup...

...DH took the kiddos bowling Friday night with a couple of his friends. Our HOA sponsored a free bowling night, and I guess they had a great time :) I got the house to myself (which started a shocking trend for the weekend, hehe).

...DH took the kiddos to the St. Patty's Day parade. My FIL mentioned that he'd heard Denver's parade is one of the biggest in the country? It was certainly long enough -- the parade started at 10 and didn't end until well after 2. E had a b-day party at 2:15, so DH had to leave then. Again, I got the house to myself (it was heaven, I might add) and ran some errands. :)

...after the parade and while E was at the party, D and I went to visit an exhibit my mom was displayed with -- and learned she'd won Best in Show! :)

...yesterday, the kiddos' auntie took them putt-putt golfing at a neat outdoor course. They'd never been before (I haven't even been to that place for probably 20 years), and they loved it. DH went mountain biking, and I -- yep, I got the house to myself. Whew!

...last night we had our traditional St. Patty's day meal with my FIL. Although I can't eat cabbage anymore, I did enjoy the corned beef (he tried a new version, nitrate free, and it was much better, imo). Plus, he had melting chocolate cakes for dessert (yummmm).

So it was a surprisingly busy yet peaceful weekend, and now we're gearing up for an incredibly busy week at school (it's like they're trying to wear us out before spring break, I suppose). Happy Monday!
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