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Weekend Roundup (a little late)...

...we had movie night (with a break for tennis and catch) Friday night. Love this weather!

...Saturday brought more great weather and catch with DH

...Saturday night, we went to our friends' house (the ones we camp with) and had a great time (although we stayed too late -- didn't get home till eleven)

...Sunday, the kiddos laid low until they went to DH's aunt's house for the night

...which meant yesterday, we had no kiddos! DH had to work (bummer), but I took the afternoon off and saw Hunger Games with a good friend (from the same friends we saw Saturday night). I liked the movie more than the book, I think -- it really showcased the political games much more clearly than the book. Plus, because you weren't in Katniss's head, there was no confusion about the nature of her relationships with both Gale and Peeta. For me, it seemed more consistent with the overall ending of the trilogy than I felt after reading the books. My favorite part (SPOILER if you haven't read the book): Rue's death. It was poignant and powerful, imo, and it's one of the only things which actually brought out emotion (other than fear and anger) in, the response of District 11 after the salute was perfect (and gave me chills).

Today is another gorgeous day. We've been housecleaning, and I still have work to do -- but spring break has been a success so far! Happy Tuesday :)
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