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Family Trip...

We had an amazing time! I'll probably post pix (of course), but I'll post them in bunches -- this is the overview post (hehe).

First, we saw so many different aspects of Colorado. This is a widely diverse state (there are others which have this kind of variation, I know), and we didn't even visit the plains (um, not really my thing), but we covered all the other aspects: high desert, canyonlands, mountains, high mountain plains, mountain valleys, high farmlands, etc. I took pix of many of them.

Second, we visited the tiny town where I lived as a little girl (from 1 1/2 until almost 8). It was pretty depressed still, and the house where I grew up had not been taken care of (at all) and looked like it might fall over any moment. The town is on the Uncompahgre Plateau, which is a beautiful area (high desert-y), but the town is struggling.

Third, we drove through red canyon lands. Silly me -- I didn't remember (even though we've driven that route tons of times when I was a kid) that this section of SW CO looks just like the Moab area! I was stunned (and took billions of pix).

Fourth, we spent a day at Mesa Verde. Most of the 'main' attractions are closed this time of year, but we got to poke around the Spruce Treehouse -- and then we went on an amazing hike. It might be the neatest hiking trail I've ever been on to date! The trail runs along the side of a canyon wall, and there were ups and downs (stairs built into rock), dirt, caves, was stunning. The kids were in heaven, and if you ever visit Mesa Verde, you need to go on this trail (if you or your kids love unusual hikes).

We drove home in one day (which wasn't as long as mapquest said it would be) and still had time to unwind and download the 480 pictures I took (ha). The weather was perfect (though I must admit, we were pretty appalled at the dryness around the state -- it's not looking good). This morning, we woke to rain...though we're going to need a TON to make up for the complete lack of moisture.

Happy April!
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